Anti D IgG Mono Blood group reagent


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Anti D Monoclonal Bloodbank Reagent

Anti D (IgG) Monoclonal Antibodies are in-vitro culture supernatant of hybrids obtained by cellular fusion (Hybridoma Technology). It is a monoclonal antibody for Rh typing and is for in-vitro use only. For direct and indirect antiglobulin test.


Human red cells are classified as Rh positive (Rh +) or Rh negative (Rh -) depending upon the presence or absence of ‘D’ antigen on them. Major percentage of the population is Rh positive. Human red blood cells possessing D antigen will agglutinate in the presence of corresponding antibody. The red blood cells are first checked using Anti-D (IgM) monoclonal antibodies. Agglutination of red cells with Anti- D (IgM) monoclonal antibodies indicates the presence of D-antigen and hence Rh positive result. If no agglutination is obtained then the red blood cells are checked with Anti-D (IgG) monoclonal antibodies as it sensitize the Rh positive/ Du positive cells which will give agglutination on addition of coomb’s reagent (Indirect coomb’s technique).

Reagent Stability

The Antibodies are stable at 2-8°C for 18 months




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