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Eryscreen Blood Grouping kit tulip





Application Reagent combipack for ABO grouping and Rho (D) typing by slide or tube test
Titre ·    ANTI-A ³ 1:256
·    ANTI-B ³ 1:256
·    ANTI-D ³ 1:128
Class of Antibody IgM, Monoclonal
Source ·    ANTI-A, Murine hybridoma
·    ANTI-B, Murine hybridoma
·    ANTI-D, Human B cell line, EBV transformed
Specificity ·    ANTI-A – 100% to A1, A2 and Ax antigens
·    ANTI-B – 100% to B antigens, negative
reacting with Acquired B characteristics
·    ANTI-D – 100% to Rho(D) antigens
Standardisation Follows AABB and FDA guidelines
Storage / Stability 2-8oC, 24 months

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Weight 200.0 g
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Tulip Group of Companies 

invitro diagnostics

is the leading Indian group of diagnostic companies, which is involved in the manufacture and marketing of in-vitro diagnostic reagents and kits both nationally and internationally.

In addition to manufacturing in-vitro diagnostic reagents and kits, Tulip Group also produces biochemistry kits, high technology disinfectants, dehydrated culture media, bases, and other products such as supplements, stains, laboratory reagents, antibiotic sensitivity discs, plant tissue culture media and chemicals. It also markets immunoassay reagents, semi automated and automated analyzers for the IVD Industry.

The individual group companies Tulip Diagnostics (P) Ltd, Microxpress, Orchid Biomedical Systems, Qualpro Diagnostics, Zephyr Biomedicals, Viola Diagnostic Systems, Coral Clinical Systems and BioShields  specialize in research, development and design of specific systems and platforms within the assigned technological areas.

Most of the group’s products are CE certified and are exported to over 87 countries worldwide.

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