2442 TRUGLYDE # 5-0 Suture Pack of 12 foils

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2442 Truglyde Suture

# 5-0

Suture Pack of 12 foils

Fast absorption polyglycolic acid sutures are made up of braided and coated polyglycolic acid, meant for faster absorption. Truglyde fast is recommended only when faster absorption is desired. The higher homopolymer of glycolide, is reduced to simpler polymer for fast absorption

Sutures India Truglyde #1 Suture Circle RB Heavy 40mm #90cm (SN 2347)

Product: TRUGLYDE FAST - "(FAST ABSORBABALE POLYGLYCOLIC ACID)" Absorbable Surgical Suture U.S.P (Synthetic) Polyglycolic acid sutures
Material: Coated and braided Polyglycolic acid
Colour : Undyed
Coating: Calcium Stearate and Polycaprolactone
Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide gas
Shelf Life : 5 years

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