20 ml Disposable Syringe with needle


Disposable syringe High clarity transparent barrel molded by using premium quality medical grade polypropylene

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20ml Disposable Syringe

Ribbon Pack.

High clarity transparent disposable syringe molded by using premium quality medical grade polypropylene.

Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) is used to manufacture the Gasket for smooth movement of plunger.

Disposable Needles are manufactured by using imported Cannula having precise tip sharpness and good bonding strength with the hub

Disposable Syringe Needles have ultra thin wall permitting rapid and efficient drug delivery

Ethylene Oxide gas is used to sterilize the syringe.

Barrel & Plunger :- Polypropylene H200MK (Reliance Industries Ltd.).
Gasket :- TPE (Shore Hardness – 55 Shore A, Tensile Strength > 30 Kg/cm2).
Hub & Cap:- Polypropylene R120MK (Reliance Industries Ltd.).
Cannula :- As per ISO 7886-1.
Silicon :- Dow Corning



minimum order 10 Boxes and multiples of 10boxes

for example: 10box, 20box, 30box etc



HMD was founded in 1957 and is a closely held family Corp. Its Primary markets are India, USA, Europe, Middle East and secondary markets - Africa and S.E.Asia. 

HMD has seven plants in different locations in S.Asia and has more than 3500 employees. Its Major products are Single use Syringes, Single use Needles, I.V.Cannulas, Safety I.V.Cannulas, Surgical Blades, Scalpels, Scalpvein Sets, Glass Syringes, Nonreusable(AD)Syringes, Blood collection tubes, Blood collection needle and Blood Collection Set.

All the products are marketed through an established national and international distribution network of more than 4500 dealers to ensure ready availability even in remote areas, and effective customer service support. 

HMD marketing philosophy is to manufacture products of International standard and attempt to offer them for the benefit of patients and doctors at prices that any other local manufacturer will find difficult to meet, without compromising on quality,to ensure market leadership. 

HMD manufacturing philosophy is to achieve uniform quality with the help of the most economical mass-production technology, harnessed through a dedicated production team, in a harmonious industrial atmosphere as per requirement of ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and the European M.D.D. Products carry CE Mark. The corporate philosophy of preventive maintenance of human relations ensures that there is no need for any labour union to exist. 


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