Amigo surgi-Care Pvt. Ltd. has been established by C. S. J. Sayal, B.E.(Mech & Elect) a highly qualified & experienced entrepreneur of Ahmedabad (India). The modern plant is situated in outskirt of Ahmedabad in the pollution free environment area about 20km from Ahmedabad Railway Station to words Science City area. “AMIGO” has modern equipped plant for the products of medical devices. The “TOTAL QUALITY” of products is the strategic target which “AMIGO” pursues through the integration of the most advanced technologies applied to the molding, extrusion, assembly, packaging and sterilization. All the productive phases are carried out in clean room environment. The benefits for our customers in the extremely flexible production runs, in the excellent quality and lower cost. For these reasons “AMIGO” name is synonymous with safety.

From Concept to finished product, “AMIGO” has the design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to create innovative solution that meet each customer’s unique and exacting specifications. In the challenging arena of medical device manufacturing, “AMIGO” has been recognized for a commitment to total quality that is highly skilled personnel and contained dedication to innovation.

Material Requirements-Planning (MRP)-Total Quality Management- Product & Process Validation – Statistical Process Control – Strict Adherence to National and International Product Specifications.

Quality Assurance is the key to high standard of “AMIGO” products. We adhere to the policy of strict quality control without mercy by making best use of in-house modern analytical test laboratory. All biological, chemical and physico – chemical tests and inspections are carried out, documented and recorded in detail as per National & International Standards applicable to various devices. The strict guidelines of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) are adhered to at every stage of process starting from raw material sourcing. All steps regarding personnel hygiene are specified, observed and controlled strictly.

Quality of “AMIGO” Medical Devices is assured by:
  • Raw Material Testing
  • Inprocess Quality Monitoring and Control
  • Quality Assurance of Finished Products
  • Biological test for sterility and – pyrogeniclily ensure the reliability,
  • safety and consistency of quality in – “AMIGO” Medical Devices.


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